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Mike In Brazil Blog has the pleasure to introduce to all you Brazilian porn enthusiasts, the curvaceous, beautiful and breath taking, Brazilian beauty: Fabiane Aguiar. This babe is well known in her hometown in San Paolo for her superb, dancing skills. Here in America we know her for her out of this world fuck skills and how lovely she looks in her tiny bikini in which she flaunts all her good stuff.

If you just love an exotic beauty that can fuck like a real amateur should, you're going to love this babe with a juicy, big, Brazilian booty, perfect perky tits and a rocking sun tan. She spreads her legs wide open for a fat meat injection. Fabiane Aguiar is a total cock fiend and lives to suck and fuck cock and we just adore the hell out of her for it. Once you see this Brazilian babe in action you're going to go completely wild for her. Don't miss her in Mike In Brazil video: "Itty Bitty Bikini."

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If you want to know more about Fabiane Thompson, here are some cool facts about one cool chick; her measurements are the sexy 34B-24-34 inches. She's been in the porn industry since 2005, and her work just keeps getting better and better. She was also born in Brazil...more specifically in Porto Alegre in the Rio Grande do Sul Province. Also, most importantly, she's hot as hell to watch in a porn film. Be sure to watch her stuff today, because it's like watching Michael Jordan in his prime...only, you know, if Michael Jordan was a hot chick who fucked all the time.


If you have not yet seen this Big Latina Ass yet on Mike in Brazil, you might as well hit your hand with a hammer, because missing this video is just as dumb as mistaking your fingers for a nail! This chick has a gigantic, awesome rack, a sexy as hell accent (she's from Colombia! I love that record club!) and is one of our favorite chicks of all time! If you want to see another sexy babe with a huge ass (and we do mean HUGE) you should go and check out this hot shit all the way over at Bruna Vieira Hot Brazilian Sex Tape!


Fabian Aguiar shows us her itty bitty bikini in this video from MikeInBrazil, but fortunately not for long. Her hot bikini comes off and shows us her hot body. Then she goes on to demonstrate just what she can do with her hot body in this crazy fuck fest from the Reality Kings. We're not quite sure whether Fabiane knew the cameras were rolling, but there's one thing made very clear in this video, and that's that Fabiane has an almost insatiable appetite for cock. This hot fucking action video takes you from itty bitty bikini to pussy pounding in 30 minutes of sensational fuck action.


In this Twisted Glory video from MikeInBrazil, part of the Reality Kings network, we get to see Bia Marques. For those of you who haven't come across Bia before she's a girl with a whole lot of surprises. In this video she goes from sensationally sexy to heart stopping horny in a shockingly brief period of time. This wild video shows us what she's made of, and she doesn't just know all the moves, she's got a few special treats to share all of her own. If you like your girls hot and wild then Bia Marques is your girl, although you'd better be ready as she's taking no prisoners.


Hand jobs are so underrated. Why don't more chicks just whip out a guy's dick and play with it with their fingers a little bit more? Personally, I find it to be hot as hell when a chick does something like make a hot Latina hand job video! Especially when it's a hot babe like Lupe here...she's so sexy when she takes that gigantic cock and shoves it into her mouth! Be sure to check out this hot Latina hand job video today, along with this Free Party of Three Porn Video with Lesbian Panties!

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