Flavia Oliveira Latina porn on Mike In Brazil

We had Flavia Oliveira for you this week on Mike in Brazil, and she was a Latina that made us melt. When we first caught up to her, she was hanging out in the pool. Flavia was a sexy slim blonde with an ass that was absolutely perfect. It was big, round and bouncy, just the way we love them. Flavia was a freaky girl and started stripping down to show off her goods. She had nice perky tits, thick legs, a small waist and a HOT Brazilian pussy. Flavia shook that ass all over and mesmerized us. Then she started rubbing that pussy to get it nice and wet.

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Flavia sucked on Loupan's cock, and he returned the favor by eating her nice tight snatch. That was when the real fun began. Loupan got in that pussy and pounded it deep and hard from multiple angles. But the highlight was when Flavia got on top and rode that dick. This smoking Brazilian babe had some moves that only a Latina could put on you. She worked those hips and sambaed that pussy up and down Loupan's cock. It was amazing watching that big booty bounce and shake from the stroking. When Loupan couldn't hold any longer, he pulled out and jizzed all over her sexy booty.


Nanda Rios big booty on Mike in Brazil

Nanda Rios was a gorgeous Brazilian babe with a booty like no other. She had us right from the start in this one, and we couldn't wait to see more of her. When we first saw this tan blonde beauty, Tony was meeting up with her in a park. She showed up in this skin-tight black miniskirt dress and all her ass was out. It was perfectly round and plump, and we couldn't wait to see more. After the small talk, they headed back to the house. Watching Nanda's ass shake as she walked got us pumped to see more. Back at the house, she shook and popped that booty all over and made our jaws drop. That ass was insane.

Nanda Rios anal porn on Mike in Brazil

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It was giant and bubbly. Nanda took charge and played with her pussy to get it nice and wet for Tony. Then she grabbed his cock hard and shoved it down her throat. This Latina was bad, and the head she gave was out of this world. By then Tony was dying to get in that pussy. He stroked it deep and hard from various angles, as that huge rump bounced and rebounded all over. Then Nanda begged him to put it up her ass. Tony stroked that nice butthole deep, and Nanda loved it. But that ass was just too tight, so Tony pulled out and busted a huge nut all over Nanda's perfect booty.


Cris Brasil Latina porn on Mike in Brazil

This week on Mike in Brazil we had on a lovely Latina by the name of Cris Brasil. She was thicker than gumballs and came out in a bright orange bikini. Cris was beautiful, had nice tan skin, big naturla tits, and a juicy bubble booty. She wasted no time stripping down and showing off the goods. Then she rubbed herself down in baby oil and took a sensual dip in the pool. It was a thing of beauty watching the water glisten off that big round ass. That got her heated up, so Cris came out of the pool, laid out on a couch, and started playing with her pussy.

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Loupan sucked that pussy and got her fired up. She wanted that dick bad. Loupan gave it to her deep and hard, and Cris loved it. He pounded it from several different positions and made her orgasm hard. Then she got on top and worked that dick even deeper into her pussy. It was crazy watching this veteran Latina handle that cock. There was just no comparison. When Loupan had hit his limit, he did the deed, pulled out and busted a nut all over her hot tits and pretty face. Don't miss this Brazilian baddie getting hardcore!


Alana Feitas porn on Mike in Brazil

Sweet Latina booty, we had an insane one for you this week on Mike and Brazil. One of our all-time favorites was back with a vengeance. Because this week we had on the gorgeous and sexy, Alana Freitas. When we first saw her, she was decked out in some sexy workout clothes doing a routine in a park where all the guys could see her. That always get her horny, so she wanted to do something about it this time around. Loupan came up on her and got right to it. In no time, Alana was flashing her big , luscious, Latina tits and escalating the erotic situation at hand. Of course, Loupan invited her back to his place, and Alana was all-in.

Alana Feitas anal on Mike in Brazil

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Back at the apartment, she stripped out of that workout clothes and showed off her amazing Brazilian ass. This girl was a firecracker and started licking her own tits and playing with her pussy before Loupan could even pull out his cock. She was a freak and sucked his cock like only a Latina vet could. Loupan returned the favor by pounding that pussy deep and hard and making her go wild. But Alana wouldn't be satisfied until she got that cock up her tight Latina ass. Loupan gave that butt a proper pounding and then jizzed all over Alana's hot ass. Done like a true G!


Cristine Castellari porn on Mike in Brazil

This week on Mike in Brazil, we had on the thick and lovely Cristine Castellari. She was a big booty Latina that blew our minds. When we first encountered Cristine, she was looking HOT as hell in a skin-tight black leotard that accentuated her insane curves. This Latina was a real beauty, and when she pulled out her massive tits and flashed us, we nearly lost it. After that, Cristine tempted us and called us into the house where she stripped down and showed off the rest of her body. She had an insane ass that was huge, ripe and perfect for the pounding action.

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Loupan came in and started sucking her tits and pussy. Cristine got him back with a sensational blow job that left him harder than a rock. He was more than ready for some action and pounded Cristine's sweet Brazilian pussy deep and hard from multiple angles until he had her orgasming uncontrollably. Cristine rode that cock like it was a rodeo horse and had Loupan busting gallons. He pulled out and did the deed, and he jizzed all over her big luscious tits and pretty face. You don't want to miss this one!


Monica Lima porn on Mike in Brazil

When we first saw Monica, she was hanging out on a bench by herself. She was looking sexy in a hot pink little outfit. And just looking at her curvy body fully clothed, you could tell this Latina was stacked. She was really cute and super thick. Tony had to get her home, so he cut right to the chase and invited her back to his place. Monica was game, and they headed out. Back at the apartment, she stripped down and showed off her body.

Monica had some nice perky tits with delicious nipples, and a big bubble butt you just wanted to stuff your face into. Pretty soon, Tony was too horny and had to jump in. He pulled out his cock, and Monica got to work sucking on it like only a Brazilian could. Tony worked that pussy hard and deep from various angles, as Monica's sexy ass bounced all over from the stroking. When Tony was ready to bust, he pulled out and came a gallon all over her amazing booty.


Liandra Andrade Latina porn on Mike in Brazil

This week, we had on Liandra Andrade. She was a Brazilian, Latina beauty with a gorgeous face and an amazing body. No doubt, she was super sexy and made the guys often loose it. Liandra had stopped by to woo us. She loved attention, and we picked up on that right away. But with an ass like hers, it only made sense that men willingly gave up their attention all the time. This bad Brazilian babe loved dick and had a hunger for sex that was incredible. She couldn't seem to get enough. On that front, Loupan sure as hell tried.

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Liandra wasted no time stripping down and showing off her hot body and pussy. He gave it a nice little licking to get it wet, and she returned the favor by sucking his cock. Loupan was fired up and wanted to get in that pussy. He pounded it deep and hard and made Liandra cum like never before. But like the true freak she was, Liandra wouldn't be satisfied until she had him penetrate all her holes. Loupan was more than happy to oblige and pounded that sweet Latina ass. Liandra loved the anal and had another orgasm. Then Loupan pulled out and came all over her pretty face.

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